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Welcome to my world of words.  Thomas Jefferson once said, "I cannot live without books."  As a reader, I certainly can relate to that sentiment.  Reading is a wonderful vacation for the mind.  Far off places and fantasy worlds are available in the pages of a book.  You can laugh or cry, fall in love or fight demons all in the comfort of your own environment.
The knowledge our world has gained since the advent of the printing press is astonishing.  Regardless of your taste in reading material - fiction or non-fiction, romance or steampunk - your life has been enriched through the written word.
Humor is a mainstay of my life, and I express that through my books.  So when you're feeling blue, turn that frown upside down. 
                    Laughter is the sunshine of the soul,


Beyond Texas is now available!

There's no place like Texas, and there's no one like a Texan!  A budding entrepreneur, Twinkie Sue Carmichael owns the Clown Motel in Mirage, Texas, a town known for the mystical lights that dance across the desert.  As mayor of Mirage, Twinkie is concerned about the shenanigans at Fort Huacha, a redundant military facility that's now the home of the Brotherhood.

When Cole Thornton arrives in Mirage with his own questions about the Brothers, Twinkie's hormones and internal alarm go on high alert.  Is this good-looking guy really who he seems?

Cole and Twinkie fall in love (and lust) surrounded by an eccentric cast of characters, from her cohort of girlfriends to her sheriff ex-husband.  And from Cole's high-powered family to his former drug cop partner.  Not to mention his missing sister, a group of pregnant teens and a houseful of retired hookers.

But as the Brothers and an assortment of other bad guys soon learn, you'd better not mess with a Texan!

Stay tuned for a re-release of
A Texas State of Mind

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Jackie Stieghorst               Alice Evans
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Helen Russell                     Jennifer Essad
Joy Sullivan                        Sherry Haut
Jody Faltys                         Susan Navidad

Magic and Mysticism in Marfa

(an excerpt from my Carina blog about the inspiration for Beyond Texas)

     Marfa (aka Mirage) is a small town in far West Texas that's famous for the mystical lights that have been dancing across the desert as long as people have inhabited the area.  Tourists, scientists, ranchers, and skeptics of all ilk have reported seeing the colorful orbs that appear in uninhabited and difficult area to access.  The lights span the color spectrum and occur randomly regardless of the weather.  They've been explained as swamp gas (in a desert, seriously?), car lights (in 1883?), ball lightening (I'll give them that one), UFO's, and the spirit of Apache ancestors. They've been known to zoom across the desert and whip back almost as if to entice viewers to follow them.  Whatever the cause or the description, the miracle lights tantalize our imagination.  Personally, I like to think of them as a friendly reminder that not everything is explainable.

Have you ever had an experience that didn't quite fit what we call reality, that didn't adhere to the rules of physics, that made you wonder–be it a feeling, a glance, a sound that seemed out of place?

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A Tidbit to Entice

      "Look what that no-good wind blew in now," Jessie Roy mumbled.  "She-et, old Beelzebub really does have it in for us."
     A lot of folks shared his pessimism.  In her dual duties of town mayor and vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce, Twinkie had assumed the job of head cheerleader, but even her optimism had its limits. 
     First, they'd endured the media circus surrounding the crazy polygamist cult that had spilled over from the adjacent county, and now they were in the middle of a ball-busting, ground cracking drought the likes of which hadn't been seen since the Great Depression.  It was so bad the Baptists had resorted to sprinkling rather than their usual dunking for baptisms. 
     Marvela jumped up and scampered over to motel's front door.  "We have a customer."
     Lord love a duck!  Wave a dollar bill in Mama's face and she morphed into Silly Putty. 
     Twinkie watched as the rider dismounted and took off his helmet.  His hog wasn't any run-of-the-mill Harley.  This guy rode a low slung custom Blackline with polished chrome and red flame racing stripes.         
     The man strolled in the lobby oozing testosterone in his wake.  With hair the color of midnight and a five o'clock shadow, he had the bad boy persona down pat.  Please God, her eyes weren't bugging out.                "Thank you, ma'am."  He nodded to Marvela.  "It's a treat to have such a lovely concierge," he said as he ran his fingers through his hair.  "I'm glad I found a place to stop.  That storm's a real b...bad devil."                 Twinkie had always been a sucker for broad shoulders, and those biceps–well, let's just say that a Texas Cowboy T-shirt with the sleeves ripped out had never looked so good.  Faded jeans encasing very long legs and an impressive ass completed the picture. 
     At least that was her impression until he took off his mirrored aviator sunglasses and she discovered he had eyes the color of Mama's sapphire ring.  Oh boy, the big bad wolf had just rolled into town.      
     Jessie Roy pulled out his cell ready to punch in Dan's number.  "I'm calling the sheriff."  
     "We don't sic the law on our customers," Twinkie said and then took a deep breath to regulate her breathing.  Lord in heaven, she hadn't clapped eyes on anyone like him in a month of Sundays.   
     "That's not a good business model."  Actually, the only business she had on her mind was monkey business.  As much as she hated to admit it, Twinkie hadn't enjoyed as much as a kiss in six long months.     
     That had to be the reason her lust-o-meter had been launched into the stratosphere.

      "Ann DeFee makes me laugh.  Her sexy, sassy books are
                                   surefire winners."
         New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber
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